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The average person spends around 50 minutes browsing on social media so it is clear that Social Media Marketing should be included in your digital strategy.  Social media is the latest way to connect and communicate with current and potential clients and a great place to leverage your brand.


Branding On Social Media

Social media is a great opportunity to engage with your clients and show your brand story.  At Code Worx Digital we ensure that your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages are engaging with your users and directing clients to your website.  Each social media platform requires their own branding rules and we can create a unified aesthetic promoting your message.

This is great for your users as they will recognise your brand and associate it with the trustworthy services they normally expect from you.

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Dependability on Social Media

Social Media Marketing With Code Worx Digital

When users hit that like button it means you’ve earned a place in your customers’ hectic online world.  That little like button is a powerful tool!

Social media users call it an ‘online community’ for a reason, which is, the user can talk back to us, which provides business owners with the opportunity to learn from the customer.  With this greater insight into the customer, we can then offer new products and services to solve their problems.

Code Worx Digital can respond quickly to your followers and build a reputation as a dependable brand.  Having the ability to reach out to your community and making your fans the first to know about a new product or service is extremely powerful.  It’s like the old-fashioned word of mouth without the limits of time and location.

Being Social On Social Media

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It has been proven that being more social is better than just selling on social media. At Code Worx Digital, we see this all the time.  New clients come to us asking for us to improve their social media strategy.

When we go over what the client has done previously, more often than not, predictions can be made that the client was using social media just to sell and not connect with their customers.

If you are marketing to your social media following, then just try to be more social. Build a following that is interested in what your brand and you do. This way your following will become more loyal the more you engage with them.

Once customers are using your social media channels, they’re only a click away from buying from your website. How will you keep your customers coming back to your social media channels?

Imagine the possibilities you could harness if your digital marketing did all the hard work for you?

Grow your customer loyalty and drive real business results.

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