Copywriting By Code Worx DigitalMost, if not all businesses are now online and copywriting is the key to getting the customer to sign up, subscribe, buy or call you.  

“Every successful business person must be able to sell through the art of the written word” – Justin Ford.

But wait a minute, I’m not a good writer.  If you feel like this then don’t despair.

Code Worx Digital has you covered.  Copywriting runs in our DNA and making businesses like yours succeed is our mission.

Words have the power to attract prospective customers to buy from you.  When a user visits your website, you are not physically there, you cannot use your charm, your smile, your face to talk to someone to get them to buy, click or call.

Direct Copywriting By Code Worx Digital

So you have to put this virtual presence on the internet or on social media that through words has to be powerful enough to get someone to go through a wave of emotions, to create a connection, build a relationship that will eventually lead to a purchase or an action being taken.

Copywriting has changed over the years with the explosion of digital marketing and isn’t just writing words.

The process of a copywriter is the ability to understand marketing, psychology, advertising, targeting, consumer behaviour and understanding the buying process.  Good copywriters understand so much more than just how to write words.

Imagine how you would feel if your website was written by a copywriter and you had leads chasing you for your products and services, rather than wasting time and resources chasing them.

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