Hi I’m Benjamin Dordoigne and I’m the CEO here at Code Worx Digital. I started Code Worx Digital because I am passionate about helping businesses grow. I see so many businesses out there doing everything they can, working so hard and I feel that we are the missing piece of the puzzle.

Benjamin From Code Worx Digital

We’re a growth agency and it is our job to work with businesses that want to go from here to there in the fastest way possible.

Digital marketing enables our clients to grow their business with precision to make sure that their marketing the right services and products to the right audience and maximise the ROI on every pound spent.

Business today is a really tough game to play.

If I was a client sitting in your shoes trying to decide on choosing a digital agency I would be very nervous. There are hundreds of agencies out there.

How do you know what to look for? Who’s really going to have your back? Whow is genuinely going to care? Who is going to be open, transparent and direct?

The rate of change in this business is breakneck pace. We know we’ve got to be constantly ahead of the curve, ahead of our competitors and ahead of the latest strategies out there.

We have highly skilled professionals at Code Worx Digital and are from many aspects of marketing. From SEO, strategy, content marketing, social media, paid media, graphic design, copywriting and web design. Thus, being able to offer a full-suite service to all of our clients.

I personally get involved with every project ensuring the best possible outcome for your business. My role is to work with you, help you understand marketing principles so you know what action we are taking and make sure you really understand what we are doing for you.

We see ourselves as trusted advisors for all of our clients. Every client account has multiple specialists within Code Worx Digital looking at it, tweaking it making sure it is absolutely running as best as it can.

A client can expect us to be completely open and transparent. We value your feedback, we want to know what is successful to you, what areas you want us to improve at. We know that the two-way feedback loop is critical, the more feedback from a client then better we can deliver to our client.

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