What are the best ways to keep motivated as an entrepreneur?

With no employer setting your goals and deadlines, as an entrepreneur it is up to you to set your own. Being motivated is a choice that you make every day and it takes practise to get yourself into this mindset. However are there are many tools out there to help you.

Focus on the Positives

  • Remind yourself of all the reasons you wanted to become an entrepreneur
  • Keep an easy to reach list of all the benefits of running your own business
  • Exercise your freedom regularly, you choose your work hours and days and what your day consists of
  • Remember if you focus on the negatives, that will only lead you to feel stressed and worried, keeping a positive energy will draw good things to you

5 Ways to Keep Motivated as an Entrepreneur

Planning and Incentives

  • Set short term and long term goals
  • Break down these goals into steps, that will lead you to your goals
  • Be sure to reward yourself when you have reached these goals, for example, get everything ticked off your list by noon and treat yourself to a 30m stroll and a caramel macchiato!

5 Ways to Keep Motivated as an Entrepreneur


  • Set reminders on your smartphone to pop up with positive affirmations throughout the day
  • Keep similar affirmations pinned up around your workspace and home
  • Listen to inspirational podcasts like Grant Cardone
  • Watch some TED Talks around inspiration for business owners (they have some great playlists)
  • Read a motivational book like Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy
  • Listen to motivational speakers on Youtube like Tai Lopez

Share your Motivation

  • When you are feeling good, share your positivity with others who may be struggling, this will give you a good feeling and keep your motivation levels topped up
  • Make sure to have some positive and motivating friends to help you on your bad days
  • Don’t be afraid of failure as it provides opportunity for learning and growth and do not let others be afraid of making mistakes either

Look After Yourself

  • You can not keep your motivation levels high when you are exhausted, stressed or hungover!
  • Make sure that you take breaks, especially if you work from home, where it can be too tempting to sit at your computer all day (and night)
  • Try to switch off all screens and disengage from social media at least an hour before bedtime
  • Get outside and take a walk as often as you can, if you see this as time wasted then how about listen to an inspirational podcast or educational audiobook as you go? You never know what great ideas can come to you while you grab yourself some exercise!
  • Eat well, even if you are very busy, try not to skip meals or resort to eating junk food
  • Drink plenty of water and limit caffeine intake, which can interfere with your all important sleep time
  • If you do suffer from stress or anxiety, try to practise meditation or mindfulness, or at the very least just sit quietly for 10 minutes and breathe deeply two or three times a day

Certainly deciding to run your own business takes a lot of courage and determination but the rewards of taking this leap can be immense. It is certainly worth putting the effort in to keeping yourself well and motivated as you navigate your way to success.

Thank you for reading this blog, I hope that you have enjoyed it and have found some new ways to keep yourself motivated. If you like, why not share some of your best tips for motivation or some of your favourite places for inspiration below.